Alpaca your bags…

If you need an excuse to visit Sacrewell this summer then we think we might just have the ticket.

Jasmine, Honey and Peaches, our alpacas, are the newest additions to the farm and activity centre.

The trio are on loan from Woodbine Farms, which Sacrewell already has a successful working relationship with as they own a herd of reindeer which are hired out for Christmas.

Site Operations Manager Richard Hadfield said: “We’ve wanted to introduce alpacas to the farm for a while and having met and worked with Woodbine, they offered us the opportunity to work alongside them by housing a few of their animals.

“They’re already a popular attraction and we’re looking forward to teaching our visitors about them.”

The alpacas are currently in the paddock behind the bottom field of the campsite, so pack your bags and make a holiday of your visit to Sacrewell.