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When can we visit?

We are open to school groups, in term time, all year round with a 10am arrival time and 2.30-3pm departure (earlier is fine, later by agreement).

How do we book?

Please phone Sacrewell on 01780 782254 or email office@sacrewell.org.uk

What does it cost and how do we pay?

Entry to Sacrewell is £5 per pupil. School staff are free at a ratio of 1:4 (1:1 for pupils with SEND), additional staff and accompanying parents are charged at £5 per adult. Activities that are led by Sacrewell staff are an additional £1 each per pupil. There is plenty of free parking. We will email an invoice to you after your visit. BACS details will be provided on the invoice. Please make cheques payable to the William Scott Abbott Trust.


Current activities include: mill tours, farm tours, tractor rides, pond dipping, bug hunting, lamb shows and small animal experiences. For  classes reading Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo or studying life on the Home Front, we offer a package including pre- and post-visit resources to use in the classroom. You can download a summary of how each activity might meet your curriculum needs in the downloads section below.

School groups are also welcome to run their own teacher-led activities on the farm.

How is the day organised?

When you arrive we will show you where you can leave your things and eat lunch. A member of our team will give a brief health and safety talk to the group and ensure you have everything you need for the day. Prior to the visit we will send a timetable of any activities you’re doing.

Is there a Risk Assessment?

When we confirm your booking and send your timetable, we will also send some documents to help with planning a safe visit to Sacrewell.  Pre-visits by teachers are encouraged and free, please phone to organise one.

Can we shop?

Pupils are welcome to use our shop in small groups; it helps to know in advance so we can ensure sufficient staffing. Alternatively, we can choose a gift for each child to an agreed value. Ice creams can also be ordered in advance for school groups.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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