Investing in the A47: Improving connectivity and safety

You might have noticed some activity from construction workers on land around Sacrewell Farm, so we wanted to explain what’s happening. Rest assured, despite the construction work, we remain open for business and are continuing to introduce new animals, activities, and events to our fabulous site.

For full details of what’s coming up at Sacrewell please visit our events page.

What’s happening?

The A47, a vital road connecting several key cities and towns in England’s rural heartland, is undergoing a transformative upgrade. This ambitious project, part of a larger investment initiative by the government, aims to enhance journeys and safety along the 115-mile stretch between Peterborough and Great Yarmouth.

One of the pivotal segments of this project is the A47 Wansford to Sutton dualling scheme. Approved in February 2023, this project signifies a significant milestone in the broader effort to modernise the A47. Spanning approximately 1.6 miles between Wansford and Sutton, this section currently operates as a single carriageway, leading to congestion and safety concerns. The proposed upgrades include converting it into a dual carriageway, constructing a free-flow link road from the A1 southbound to the A47 eastbound, roundabout enhancements, and improved infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians.

By upgrading this section, the aim is not only to enhance safety but also to reduce journey times and accommodate future traffic growth.

What does this mean for Sacrewell Farm?

The culmination of this project will have a significant positive impact on safety when entering and exiting Sacrewell Farm. With a new underpass directly linking the A47 to our location, accessibility for our customers will be hugely improved, and queueing times reduced. We will remain open during the construction period, and we appreciate your patience and understanding regarding any temporary disruptions. As a charitable organisation, your support is crucial in enabling us to maintain and operate our site.