Dino – Jurassic Farm Day


Guess who is roaring back to visit Sacrewell Farm on Saturday November 20th.

Come on your own dinosaur adventure where you could be a trainee wrangler at D.I.N.O basecamp, where the chief wrangler guides you through Jurassic knowledge and then trains you in what to do in an emergency situation- a dinosaur break out! How do you control an enormous T. rex with temper tantrums? Can you force a mischievous Triceratops to sit on the naughty step? Which cheeky Dino Babies will you see? All this and more!

A Fun Mad Musical Dinosaur Show!

We will be running Interactive shows with audience participation and volunteers throughout the day join your pre-booked show at 10.30am, 11.30pm, 1.30pm or 2.30pm. Warning – Show Times can be wonderfully wild and marvellously messy! The Dino Shows are interactive, entertaining and educational – and full of songs and frivolous fun – as well as music, mischief and lots of laughter!

Meet the Jurassic Farm Dinosaurs!

Tiny the huge Triceratops is simply jaw-dropping. At 5.5 metres long, he has an awesome presence and is adored by all ages. He loves playing follow-my-leader with a trail of boys and girls stomping along behind him!

Tickets are very limited to the event – PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

Baxter The T Rex. A staggering 3 metres tall and 4 metres long. He sometimes looks a little bit scary but is a real pussycat – most of the time!

Will you bump into either The Neovenator or Zoom the T Rex it will be a cool surprise!

The Dino Babies are simply adorable! Everyone wants to stroke and photograph them! Each has a quirky character of its own! Which one will you see when you visit?

Meet Spike the Spinosaurus and his Dinosaur Wrangler! Watch those fingers, how many teeth can you see?

Come and be a brave explorer on an interesting adventure and join the Dinosaur Wranglers on the farm. Who knows what exciting things you might find!

This event is pre book only and expected to sell out very quickly! Event tickets include all day admission to the farm access to a live dinosaur show, chance to spot one of our Jurassic friends on a walkabout around the farm plus lots more fun. This is an outdoor unseated event and visitors should dress accordingly for the weather.

Concessions include Seniors (60+), Students, Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces with a Blue Light Card. The concession rate is for the card holder only. Carers go free with one paying admission.

Tickets for the event are non-refundable.