Star Party

Join Sacrewell this November for our Star Party!

 > Tickets released in August

Peterborough Astronomical Society (PAS) are holding their Star Party here at Sacrewell on the 9th November 2024.

We are very lucky to work with PAS who are incredibly passionate about the night sky and will be on hand to talk to all those who attend-from beginners to experts. PAS set up their own telescopes so that visitors can look at the stars and constellations (weather permitting).

They will also create a planetarium-style talk. PAS will walk you through the sky at night, using apps and technology that is available to all and easy to use.

“We want people to go away inspired by what they see and learn at the Star Party and try to make it as accessible as we can, whether it’s using an app to identify a star, a constellation or advice on how to buy your first telescope”.

star party - a silhouette of a man looking through telescope to see a starry night sky.