Nene Coppicing and Craft Workshops

Nene Coppicing and Crafts is a voluntary organisation promoting Heritage Crafts.

There are various willow workshops offered throughout the year at Sacrewell Farm taking from a half to a whole day and costing between £45 and £75.  Below, are a few examples of what you could make.  Please see our website; for dates and further information.

Garden Obelisk

Half day £50


Half day, £45

Willow basket

Whole day, £75

Willow Christmas decorations

Half day £45.  Choose from wreath, stars, star garland, tree, reindeer and more.  You will be able to make as many as you like in the time.

Leather Christmas Decorations

Half day £45

Harlequin ‘tree’, living willow sculpture

Half or whole day £45-£75

potted harlequin tree in garden with patio and chair behind.