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*Meet the Sacrewell Animals*

Below you can find a full detailed guide of all the breeds and animals we have at Sacrewell…

Landrace Pig (at risk rare breed)

Larry (boar – male)

Sacrewell pig - photo shows a close up photo of a large pink pig

We are very fortunate to have a British Landrace pig on site at Sacrewell – Larry joined Sacrewell farm in May 2020.

Larry is very docile and loves a fuss. His favourite things to eat are fresh vegetables from our kitchen garden. When he isn’t munching on fresh veg, he spends most of his time sleeping or digging wallows.

Lottie (sow – female)

lottie pig at sacrewell - a close up of this landrace pig being nosey at the camera with her pig sty in background.

Lottie joined Sacrewell in November 2023. She’s a sociable pig and loves making friends. You’ll often see her talking to Sandy and Tanya through the fence.

Her favourite thing to eat is banana. Lottie hates a tidy bedroom and the cold weather!

Oxford Sandy & Black Pig (at risk rare breed)

Tanya and Sandy (both sows – female)

Tanya and Sandy were born in July 2022 and we welcomed them to Sacrewell a few months later as weaners. Weaners are piglets that are 2-3 months old and no longer reliant on their mother’s milk.

Tanya and Sandy both love foraging outside but they do like to retire for an afternoon nap, whether this is outside in the sun or in their comfy pig arcs.

Kune Kune Pigs

Watch this space for some new additions at Sacrewell Farm!


We look forward to welcoming some weaner piglets to the farm very soon! Keep an eye on our social media pages for more details coming soon.

Belted Galloway Cattle (UK native breed)

Abigail & Matilda

belted galloway cows in green field with blue sky, sunshine and field shelter in the background

Here at Sacrewell farm we have 3 Belted Galloway cattle – Abigail, Matilda and little Cinnamon.

Our resident Belted Galloway cows joined us in October 2023. They love roaming our paddocks and grazing on fresh pasture. They are particularly well-known for rubbing their bottoms on the paddock fence for a good back scratch and mooing loudly for attention!

Both are extremely friendly and are keen to let the livestock team know when it is dinner time.


Cinnamon our baby heifer calf born in December at Sacrewell. A photo of her with her ear tags in green field with her mum behind black cow with white stripe around her tummy.

Cinnamon was born on 14th December 2023 right here at Sacrewell. Unlike her mother Matilda, she is brown in colour and beltless! This is due to her dad’s genetics.

As Cinnamon continues to grow, she is getting more and more confident, she loves playing and frolicking in the field. She is adorably cute but hates loud noises or being woken up. So be sure to be quiet when around their field shelter in case she is napping!

Highland Cattle (UK native breed)

Watch this space for some new additions at Sacrewell Farm!

Shetland Pony (UK native breed)

Luna (mare – female)

Luna joined Sacrewell in March 2021. Luna is a gentle soul who enjoys being stroked. She’s been a great asset to the farm and is gentle with children, especially school groups that book our animal welfare course.

Tramp (Gelding – castrated male)

Tramp has been at Sacrewell since January 2012. Tramp is one of our oldest residents.  He loves to roll around in the mud, so his white coat never stays white for long!

British Spotted Pony (UK native breed)

Winnie, Betty & Myrtle (all mares)

Sacrewell pony - photo shows a brown pony standing in a field

We are lucky to have 3 miniature spotted ponies on site. They can be differentiated from our Shetlands by their signature spots.

Our ponies were donated to Sacrewell in October 2022. Winnie and her two daughters, Betty and Myrtle, are now happily integrated with our other small equines. They enjoy running around the paddock with their friends – Luna & Tramp.

They spend their evenings in their stable but their days roaming free and grazing.


Mr Mint (Jack – male)

Mr Mint joined Sacrewell in January 2012 along with Tramp, our Shetland pony.

You can find Mr Mint awaiting a fuss! He is a placid soul that loves rolling around on his back in the field.

Marina and Splash (Jenny – female and foal)

Marina and Splash joined Sacrewell in 2023 from The Donkey Sanctuary as part of their rehoming scheme. This mother and son duo have become good friends with Mr Mint and are the newest addition to the Sacrewell family.

Boreray Sheep (at risk rare breed)

Libby, Lisa, Laura, Alice, Abbie, Ida, India, Merry, Pippin, Bambi and Bunny (ewes – females)

Scar, Pongo, Julius, Senior and Thumper (rams – males)

Albert, Alfred, Victoria, Louise, Leopold, Maud, Margaret and Sophia (lambs born in 2023)

Sacrewell sheep - photo of a group of sheep in mixed colours

The Boreray breed originally joined Sacrewell in 2019 and the flock has significantly increased in number over the last 3 years.

Boreray sheep enjoy living in large groups with lots of natural shade and hiding places. You can usually find them lounging amongst the bushes and small trees during the spring and summer months.

They also like to run around in circles, which the livestock team call ‘zoomies’! If you look closely, you can see paths which they have made in the grass as they follow each other in a very duck like manner.

Hill Radnor Sheep (at risk rare breed)

Fatima, Gertrude, Helda, Henrietta, Wanda, Snotty, Patty, Gretel

Rolo, Snickers, Twix, Whispa, Bounty, Crunchie, Kit and Kat (lambs)

hill radnor sheep with two cute lambs in a green field.

The Hill Radnor breed originally joined Sacrewell in 2020. The flock has increased over the years due to our successful rare breed conservation programme.

You can find our Hill Radnor ewes grazing the pastures at Sacrewell farm with our cade lambs from 2022. They love attention, especially the hand-reared ewes, which makes handling them much easier. They are always pleased to see the livestock team especially at feed time!

Jacob Sheep (UK native breed)

Jay (Wether – castrated male)

Jay our Jacob sheep in a field. He has distinct patchwork fleece with a black and white face with horns
Lucy Braines Photography

Jay was born locally in March 2022 and came to Sacrewell a week later. Jay is the only Jacob we have on site at the farm but we hope to change that in the near future as we expand our rare breed and UK native breeding programme.

You will find Jay in the field along with the Hill Radnor and commercial sheep. He enjoys being part of a flock and not living independently. His favourite time is feed time, and he will always run for hay!

Rambo (Ram – male)

Rambo joined the Sacrewell flock in July 2023 along with a number of Jacob ewes to expand our rare breed conservation programme.

Rambo loves our livestock assistant Sam and is delighted to see him most mornings, but not so much in the evenings! It’s a love hate relationship from Rambo. He very much dislikes Pongo our Boreray ram, they are regularly fighting for alpha male position.

Jacob Ewes (Ewe – female)

We had a number of Jacob ewes join our flock in the summer of 2023 along with a Jacob ram, Rambo!

You can find the ewes running around their paddock doing ‘zoomies’ or being rounded up by our alpaca Twiglet! She thinks it’s a great game! The ewes dislike clean out day, especially a clean bed.

English Goat (priority rare breed)

Houdini (Buck male)

Houdini our english goat - being mischievous as always and poking his head out of his field shelter!

Houdini wasn’t born at Sacrewell but joined us in July 2020. He got his name from becoming an escape artist in his first few months. Being much taller than the other goats the original goat fence wasn’t enough to contain him and his appetite!

Now he very much enjoys his paddock along with the Boer and Pygmy goats and doesn’t break free.

Boer Goat

Acorn (Doe or nanny – female)

Acorn joined Sacrewell in 2018. She has successfully given birth to three kids – Crash & Eddie (twins) in 2020 and Chestnut (2021). She is calm natured and halter trained which is perfect for school visits as this allows us to teach children about Boer goats and animal care.

Chestnut (Doe – female)

Chestnut was born in March 2021 here at Sacrewell. She is very friendly and enjoys a stroke. Her favourite thing to eat is goat nuts – a nutritional protein feed. We often take Chestnut on a goat walk as she is also halter trained.

Pygmy Goat

Hardy, Winston, Archie and Bubbles (all wethers – male)

We are fortunate enough to have four pygmy goats at Sacrewell farm and you can find them in the field every day. They are all unique in their colouring with different characteristics. They offer great entertainment to the public and staff.

You can find these older chaps grazing the fields or snoozing in the sunshine. They are all partial to an afternoon nap but generally nap next to their shelter rather than in it!

Golden Guernsey Goat

OJ Winston (Billy – male)

OJ Winston our golden guernsey goat at Sacrewell. Bright orange colour with big horns and goaty beard. Goat in field with fence and food troughs in background.

OJ joined Sacrewell in September 2023 from a local farm in Norfolk. OJ loves our livestock assistant Charlotte, her cheerleading chatter when feeding him in the morning makes him jump up and hop around!

He loves a face rub and wagging his tail. The thing he dislikes most at Sacrewell is being ignored, so make sure to give him a fuss.

Greta and Giselle (Nanny – female)

Greta and Giselle joined the Sacrewell family a few weeks after OJ, so they are relatively new to the farm too! Both nanny goats are expecting twins in Spring 2024, be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels or sign-up to our email newsletter to be the first to know.

Greta likes OJ a lot but dislikes when he steals her food! Giselle likes peace and quiet so you can often find her alone in her shelter. She dislikes smelly boys including OJ!


Peaches, Honey & Jasmine (Hembras – females)

White alpaca looking assertively at the camera with green field and wooden fence in background.

Peaches, Honey & Jasmine joined Sacrewell in 2017. They enjoy being at Sacrewell – being nosey and observing the public.

These fluffy trio are cousins and you will find them in their paddock eating grass or hay. They stay outside in all weathers and are incredibly hardy. They do have a warm shelter, but they prefer to stay out and keep an eye on what’s going on. They are incredibly lazy so sometimes they don’t even stand to eat!

Twiglet (Cria – juvenile alpaca)

Twiglet was born on 14th July 2022 right here at Sacrewell, she is the daughter of Jasmine. You will find Twiglet in her paddock either snuggled up to mum or laid flat in her sandpit sleeping deeply.

Most alpacas are intelligent, but Twiglet doesn’t seem to have that trait!

Small Animals

muffin and crumpet our lionhead rabbits taken on a grey background with a bed of straw and tunnel in foreground.

Crumpet and Muffin are brother and sister, they are often found snuggled up next to each other in their hay, snoozing the day away.

Penny is a miniature rex rabbit. Penny prefers to be on her own. She is usually found sleeping in her box or munching away on some green vegetables. She does, however, have a distinct dislike for cauliflower!

Pipkin – Pip is a very energetic rabbit and can usually be seen playing zoomies around the enclosure. Pipkin is happy for the Livestock team to give him some head rubs, and always waits patiently for his daily fresh veg.

Benj and Binky – this pair love to share their treats, much like lady and the tramp! They are more than likely to be found munching on some hay or veggies, grooming each other, or having a cuddle nap in their beds.

Sapphire and Jet – these two are like an old married couple. You can often see Sapphire stomping her foot at Jet, but then 5 minutes later they’ll be cuddled up like nothing happened. Their favourite thing to do it bunker down into big nests of hay and have many naps. They don’t have as much energy as their younger companions but do enjoy rolling around in their sand pits in the warmer weather.


peacock close up of head and head feathers. You can see the shimmering blue colours and its distinct eye make-up! In the background is rocky path with grain for them to eat.

Our five peacocks have been at Sacrewell for around 30 years! They are usually found roaming around the site grazing, sitting on the rooftops of our buildings, or searching for extra special yummy treats.

We have recently discovered that their favourite snacks are blueberries.


Photo of a ferret upside down, rolling around on a wooden floor.

We are expecting some new arrivals at Sacrewell – watch this space!


Drogo & Khaleesi (Cockerel & Hen)

Drogo and Khaleesi joined Sacrewell in March 2024, they have settled in well and are enjoying their daily vegetable treats from Riverford.

They are a friendly breed of chicken called Marans. Soon you will be able to see them roaming free around the farm, keep your eyes pealed on your next visit to Sacrewell Farm.


Throughout 2024 we are looking to build a small animal village, so watch this space for more ducks coming to Sacrewell soon.


We are expecting some new arrivals at Sacrewell – keep your eyes pealed for more details coming soon!