Why don’t you grow carrots at Sacrewell?

Each week, we ask you to share your questions about farming, food or Sacrewell with us on Facebook. The person who writes the best question wins a free tractor ride for a child and accompanying adult, as well as having their question answered on our website. This question came from Natalie White’s six year old son.

We do!

Carrots grow best in light, sandy soil as this allows their long roots to develop as they seek water and nutrients from deeper down in the ground. If the soil in your garden isn’t like this, you could try growing short rooted varieties of carrots in a container.

Riverford Organic Farmers manage most of the 500 acres of fields at Sacrewell and grow the vegetables that you see from your tractor ride to sell through their organic box scheme. They have four farms across the UK and also work with several smaller producers. Riverford get most of their carrots from a co-op farm in Devon, but do grow some in the fields at Sacrewell.

The vegetables you will see around Sacrewell from season to season. Our soil is particularly suitable from growing brassicas. Why not go for a walk along our blue or red ramble routes and see if you can spot any of these?

Onions                         Kohlrabi                      Broad Beans               Beetroot

Chard                          Cabbages                     Kale                             Leeks

Spinach                       Spring Greens             Lettuce                        Purple Sprouting Broccoli