What are peacock babies called?

Each week, we ask you to share your questions about farming, food or Sacrewell with us on Facebook. The person who writes the best question wins a free tractor ride for a child and accompanying adult, as well as having their question answered on our website. This question came from Kate Baker’s son.

Peacock babies are called peachicks, though you won’t find any peachicks at Sacrewell as we only have male peacocks and no peahens.

We thought you might be interested to know the correct terms for the male, the female and the baby of some other animals that we have on the farm too.

Animal Adult male Adult female Young
peafowl peacock peahen peachick
pig boar sow piglet
cattle bull cow calf
chicken cockerel hen chick
sheep ram ewe lamb
goat billy nanny kid
horse or pony stallion mare foal
alpaca macho hembra cria
donkey jack jenny foal
guinea pig boar sow pup
rabbit buck doe kit

For some animals, farmers also use different words for adult animals which are used for breeding and adult animals which aren’t. Here are two examples:

Animal Castrated male Breeding male Young female Breeding female
pig barrow boar gilt sow
cattle steer bull heifer cow


An adult male peacock displaying his fabulous feathers.