Why we’re not participating in Open Farm Sunday

It’s been one hundred years since William Scott Abbott first came to Sacrewell and even in the early days visitors were welcomed to the farm. Whilst the type of farming and the type of visitors has changed a lot since then, the aims of the William Scott Abbott Trust are still to provide an agricultural education to all, so it might seem a little strange that we don’t take part in Open Farm Sunday.

Open Farm Sunday is an annual event, managed by LEAF, where farms across the country of all sorts and sizes open their doors to members of the public to allow them to find out where their food comes from. This is a message that we strongly believe in at Sacrewell and in fact David Powell (the nephew of William Scott Abbott) made Sacrewell one of the first farms in the country to host a farm open day in 1973. However, now that Sacrewell is open every Sunday of the year (unless that Sunday happens to be Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day) we don’t feel we’re the right kind of farm to participate in this event.

So, Sacrewell will be open as usual on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June, with standard admission fees applying to non-members. If you’d like to take advantage of the Open Farm Sunday event to see a farm that isn’t open all year round, you could try Village Farm or MHS Farms Ltd who are both in our local area.