Horse play

Being a fire fighter means you sometimes have to deal with tricky customers, as members of the crew from Dogsthorpe Fire Station Blue Watch recently found out.

They came to Sacrewell for Animal Rescue Two training, handling goats, sheep, Shetland ponies and Shire horses.

The crew at Dogsthorpe are one of only three teams in the county who are trained to handle animal rescue call-outs, covering an area that reaches as far as Huntingdon.

Fire fighter Vicky Best who organised the training said: “It was really good and we all got something out of it.

“Not all of us are confident in handling animals, especially large horses so we’ve now all had practice with the halters.

“Most of the call outs we get are for horses, but there’s the potential to be called out for any animal at any time.”

Fire fighter Kevin Gilbert with Macy