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*Gardens & Grounds at Sacrewell*

Find out more about the gardens and grounds on the Sacrewell estate…

Sensory Garden

raised beds in the sensory garden with produce growing and nets over to prevent insects.

Since 1964 the William Scott Abbott Trust has pioneered heritage crafts and the field to fork journey, connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to countryside learning. Educating the next generation is at the heart of what Sacrewell do.

In September 2022, we launched our Farming with Nature education programme, aimed at primary schools to get children outside the classroom and onto the farm. It’s been our most successful year yet with almost 3,000 children from 70 schools already signed up to explore the field to fork journey.

The sensory garden was created to support the launch of our new Farming with Nature workshops for schools. It officially opened to the public in September 2022. The sensory garden at Sacrewell is formally known as David Powell’s Farmhouse Garden.

When in the sensory garden see if you can find something that represents each of the senses:
– Hear
– See
– Smell
– Touch

Don’t forget to touch the herbs in the herb circle (by the benches), rub the leaves in your hands and smell the difference between each. In the herb circle you can find mint, thyme, sage, chives, coriander and basil.

Please don’t taste any of the veg growing in the raised beds or pick apples from the trees. All these are harvested by the school children on visits to the farm.

Market Garden

produce in willow basket grown in our market garden - tomatoes, beans, courgettes and lettuce.

We have an opportunity to inspire the future farmers of Britain and forge meaningful career pathways by expanding our Farming with Nature programme to secondary and higher education students.

We have built upon the great success of our field to fork workshops and created a 1/3 of an acre educational market garden at Sacrewell. Work started on the 1/3 acre market garden in summer 2023 by the Sacrewell education team.

The market garden will provide a working farm environment where students will:

  • Grow and harvest produce all year round
  • Eat seasonally and cook outdoors
  • Research seed varieties through seed trials
  • Learn about resource management and closed loop systems
  • Work with nature to create a sustainable and wildlife
    friendly market garden
  • Learn the intricacies of soil science and micronutrients
  • Tackle climate change

Grant Funding

Sacrewell relies on local and national support from funders, volunteers and sponsors.

Aegean Revenue, National Grid’s Community Matters Fund, Small Capital Grants Programme and the Heritage Lottery Fund have all supported Sacrewell and The William Scott Abbott Trust over the years. Here are more details on the projects they have helped with.

Heritage Lottery Fund

Sacrewell Mill re-opened in July 2015 after a £1.8m restoration and conservation project part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We have conserved and restored the building and unlocked the stories and memories of people who lived and worked in the mill to boost the agricultural education facilities already in place at Sacrewell.

Augean Revenue

After restoring the mill we decided to make a feature of the mill stream with a natural play area. Augean South Ltd helped fund this project with a grant of £50,000. We now have an award-winning natural play area created by Earth Wrights.

It opened in 2019 and was awarded the title Best Play Area in England in RoSPA’s Play Value Awards.

Small Capitals Grant Programme

Huge thanks to Small Capitals Grant Programme that funded this educational signage across Sacrewell Farm to help educate the public on the animals, history, heritage and our charity The William Scott Abbott Trust.

National Grid Community Matters Fund

After a successful application to the National Grid Community Matters Fund, Sacrewell and The William Scott Abbott Trust were funded to create a 1/3 acre educational market garden.

You can find out more about our market garden project here.


butterflies on purple flowers with green background.

Sacrewell Farm is teeming with wildlife in it’s 500 acres of gardens and grounds. You can find wild birds, insects, mammals and much more.

On your visit to Sacrewell head to our sensory garden (up by the Blacksmith’s forge) to see a plethora of flowers, herbs and vegetables growing. All grown with pollinators in mind. The beds were planted with pollinator friendly plants, which is a hive of activity for the butterflies and bees in the summer months.

Download our spotter sheet to see what pollinators you can find on your visit to Sacrewell.

Once you’ve found all the pollinators why not try and look for all the garden birds too. You can find most of these in the sensory garden too! Remember to be quiet and patient, take a seat on the benches and wait for the feathered friends to fly in.

Bird Hide

majestic swan on the mill pond with water reflection.

Our bird hide at Sacrewell provides a tranquil place to sit, watch and observe the wildlife that frequents the mill pond! From ducks to swans to moorhens and coots, you’re bound to see some water fowl on your visit.

Why not see how many you can spot from our downloadable spotter sheet. You may even get lucky and spot a kingfisher – usually an electric flash of blue flying down the mill stream away from the Sacrewell mill.