Meet the Animals

Here you can find a selection of our animals who live at the farm. As an agricultural charity, we pride ourselves on our rare breed farm animals including British Landrace pigs an,d Lincoln Longwool sheep. There’s also the Animal Village and Discovery Centre where you’ll find our smaller animals such as rabbits, mice and chickens. From rare breed farm animals to our smaller creatures, you’re sure to find a furry friend. You can also feed the animals and pet the smaller animals during our pet experience sessions.

PS. Don’t worry if some paddocks are empty when you visit, we rotate our stock to give the ground a chance to recover. Please be aware that, as on any farm, our stock can change at short notice.

  • Jacob sheep
  • Honey, Peaches & Jasmine the alpacas
  • Jess the farm cat
  • Dicky Mint & Jolly Joules the donkeys
  • Hardy the pygmy goat
  • Ash, Acer and Albert the Boer goats
  • British Landrace pigs
  • Luna the Shetland pony
  • New Hampshire Red chickens
  • Peacocks
  • Ron, Harry and Neville the cattle
  • Rosie the farm cat
  • Soay sheep
  • Speckles, Midnight & Stanley the bantams
  • Tramp the Shetland pony
  • George our Lincoln Longwool ram
  • Archie and Winston