#PressForProgress #ThisIsWomensWork

Women in farming. Type these three words into a search engine, and you’ll be inundated with articles declaring that women are leaders and conquerors and entrepreneurs of the farming industry. Within the agriculture industry, women make up 28% of the workforce and this number is rising with more women starting up their own enterprises and paving their way to create successful farming businesses.

In this, Sacrewell are unusual; the team has a strong female workforce (over 75%) whilst our senior management team and trustee board make up a similar percentage. Our backgrounds are diverse and our team includes teachers, hairdressers, TV researchers and wildlife conservationists.

And why wouldn’t they be? A few of the team started in agriculture, but I can confidently say for the rest of us that we did not foresee a career path that would lead us to an agricultural education charity. Quite by accident and luck, in fact, we are working for an organisation led by women, which supports women in the workplace and empowers women to develop and grow a career in the farming industry. #ThisIsWomensWork

Despite our numerous paths, we stand united in our aim to educate people about where their food comes from. This belief is the founding principle of the William Scott Abbott Trust at Sacrewell and one that goes into every objective of the business.

On International Women’s Day, Sacrewell is also calling on you to #PressforProgress. Today, or tomorrow, or next month or even this year, we’re asking you to get outside and visit a farm. That visit could ignite a spark and inspire the next generation of farmers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. By witnessing the live birth of a lamb, mucking out a pig sty or following the story from field to fork on a bumpy tractor ride, you’ll gain experiences that start conversations about farming. These are the moments that could lead to a life-long passion and career in agriculture. The team are proud to work in this fulfilling, supportive and exciting farming industry, even if most of us arrived quite accidentally.

We’d like to take a moment to say thank you to Debbie Queen (our General Manager), the William Scott Abbott Trust and the rest of the Sacrewell team for supporting women and each other in the workplace.

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