Medieval Reenactment Weekend

Nobleman and commoners alike are invited enjoy the celebrations and competition of a medieval weekend at Sacrewell.

Explore the encampment thats open during the public hours of the event to display the layout and furnishings including beds, benches, tables and storage in chests and trunks.

Within the camp area, we will have static displays of weapons and armour with live reenactment actors explaining the development of the equipment through our period, and can talk for hours given half a chance.  This is also an ideal opportunity to handle the weapons and feel the weight of the armour, and to gain an in-depth understanding of how the protection a knight wears is layered to defend against each of the threats encountered both in the tournament and on the battlefield.

The camp also features a number of have-a-go activities for children, including some of the simple games of the period and a small version of the Quintain used for training knights to joust.  For those found to be misbehaving, a short period in our pillory is usually enough to persuade them to change their ways.

Join us each day for –

1100       Archery display

1200       Unarmoured combat

1300       Mummers’ play

1400       Archery display

1500       Dress a knight, then tournament at 1530-1600

Our friends at Origin8 Cafe will be hosting a tasty hog roast on the Saturday 28th!

Theres no need to pre book for the event, normal farm admission applies over the weekend.