Covid Update!


Tier 4 Update!

Since we announced the closing of Sacrewell Farm with immediate effect (due to the government Tier 4 introduction for Peterborough), we’d like to respond to a reoccurring comment on our Facebook page.  As you’re aware this has impacted us all – for example we have costs associated with the Christmas event which will not be refunded by our suppliers but we will, as always, do the right and ethical actions for the benefit of our customers.

Refunds for customers who booked to see Santa from Sunday 20th December 2020 onwards will be issued.

Our team will work tirelessly to refund customers who are impacted by the lockdown, and please be patient with us as this is not an easy task to complete.  Once processed, your refund may take up 2 – 5 working days to clear (depending on your provider)

All enquiries please contact: 01780 782254 or email:


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